Cassie de Pecol – Best Inspiration for Women Traveling Alone

Cassandra de Pecol, famously known as Cassie, is the first woman to travel to all 196 countries of the world alone. She completed her journey in 18 months, and now she aims to share her experiences with the world to inspire and motivate young women traveling alone.

Cassandra de Pecol is an American Explorer and a Keynote Speaker, born on June 23rd, 1989 in Connecticut, United States. Before she went on your record-breaking journey around the world, she had spent 2 years in Europe and a significant amount of time working in multiple roles. Traveling alone empowered Cassie as a strong and independent woman who now motivates and support other solo travelers.

Since completion of the global journey, Cassie is trying to scale up the Expedition 196 cause with the help of seminars and speaker sessions held at multiple universities all over the world. Expedition 196 aims to promote peace and encourage young people to develop and work on travel projects. This brilliant cause will help countries come closer to each other, and promote peace along with human integrity rather than preferring aggressive and armed actions.

The reason for speaking at seminars and other motivational sessions is to mobilize and encourage young people to learn the essence and importance of traveling. Traveling not only teaches you how to be self-dependent and strong, it also teaches you a lot of other academical elements that schools, otherwise, are usually unable to teach effectively and efficiently.

There is a dire need to eradicate the physical, political and psychological barriers between countries and promote a free flow of culture, respect, and all other core elements of traveling. This will motivate and reassure young travelers of the peaceful situation in foreign countries that are otherwise thought to be unsafe and dangerous.

This can be done by following in the footsteps of Cassie, where she lead the cause by her example, showing the world that it is not what people make it look like. The more the young people start assuming their roles as change agents for their countries, the better it will scale up. One will follow another and another two will follow the preceding one, leading to an exponential growth of young travel change agents.

This will in turn boost confidence and courage among young women who want to experience traveling alone but are cautioned by the perceived/rumored security threats in the prospective countries on traveler’s options list.

Here’s a list of Cassie’s top 10 Countries from her experience, that I think you should travel to, as a young, solo and passionate woman traveler:

  1. Mongolia

    Cassie de Pecol – Mongolia
  2. Bhutan

    Cassie de Pecol – Bhutan
  3. Maldives

    Cassie de Pecol – Maldives
  4. Vanuatu

    Cassie de Pecol – Vanuatu
  5. Pakistan

    Cassie de Pecol – Pakistan
  6. Oman

    Cassie de Pecol – Oman
  7. Tunisia

    Cassie de Pecol – Tunisia
  8. Peru

    Cassie de Pecol – Peru
  9. Costa Rica

    Cassie de Pecol – Costa Rica
  10. United States

    Cassie de Pecol’s Home Country – USA

Here’s what she had to say about her journey and its purpose in one paragraph:

“This Expedition really wasn’t about me at all. My goal was to prove to you how kind and hospitable people all over the world are, but specifically in regions that many people consider to be dangerous. It is my hope that, through traveling alone as a blonde, American woman, I’ve been able to respectfully introduce you to a completely different perspective of the world and it’s people; the safety, kindness, and the similarities of 99% of people around the world.”

Being a solo woman traveler, she has proven that there is no country on Earth that is impossible to travel to or across. Cassie de Pecol gives the best possible inspiration for women traveling alone. Her journey will become your inspiration!

You can follow Cassie on her Website, Twitter, and Instagram

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*P.S: The pictures used in this article were taken from Cassie’s public account, yet they remain Cassie’s personal property and their inappropriate use is highly discouraged. These photos originally appeared first on: My Modern Met


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