women traveling solo

Can Women Empower Themselves by Traveling Solo?

Women have long been bearing the taboo of vulnerability, especially when they’re alone. We see a lot of women empowerment movements running around the world, but none of them can scale up to reality unless women take the charge and empower themselves with something meaningful.

Traveling has an undeniably long list of benefits approved by passionate travelers. Traveling is like an unfinished movie with multiple sequels, where each sequel sums up all your recent experiences into one story, a story to be continued with more life lessons and experiences as you explore more.

The benefits in consideration here include building confidence and getting to know yourself. Each of these benefits will eventually empower women and bless them with an array of opportunities to progress and prosper, not to forget their self-confidence that will rocket sky high.

Confidence is the basis of success, because the chances of succeeding are higher with a stronger foundation than they are with a weaker base foundation. Discovering yourself is another tool to achieve higher self-esteem and confidence. Knowing your strengths will help you tackle your weaknesses that people would deliberately expose to make you vulnerable. Work your traits out and make a winning combo of your strengths against your exposed weaknesses.

Traveling exposes you to a series of stimulants that trigger the thought process in you, and that is where you start discovering yourself. You can identify things that make you happy, the type of people you easily get along with, what sort of environment and surroundings comfort you, and what are the things that matter to you the most.

The discovery part doesn’t end there, it teaches you life lessons and helps you improve as a human (socially, emotionally, and cognitively). While discovering yourself, you tend to push yourself to the limits, and the best thing is that these limits increase every time, similar to bacteria and viruses becoming more resistant to drugs every time they are exposed to them. That’s the learning process and it only makes us humans stronger with time.

Women can use their travel experience to strengthen themselves emotionally and build themselves a stronger ground to stand on.

In a global society where women are thought to be, by a significant chunk of the population, cognitively less sharp and unhelpful finding a solution, women can plan their travel itinerary, schedule and follow the plan, and figure out the best possible alternatives. This will not only help them reclaim their capabilities in the society, but also restrict them from doubting their capabilities in the future.

Tell us what you think about it! Is traveling solo the most effective way to empower women?


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